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Get Ready For Spring

5 Things to do now to get your Garden Ready for Spring

  1. Spruce up your greenhouse – Grab a bush and make a start sweeping up all of last years debris from the floor. Give everything a good scrub with disinfectant and don’t forget the edges of the glass and floor where pests and diseases can hide. Give all your pots and seed trays a good wash, ready for all your new seedlings and cuttings your about to sow. The stand back and admire all your hard work.
  2. Start Sowing – you can make a start on sowing some seeds now: aubergines, Begonias, Geraniums and Peppers can be sown, just make sure you put them in a propagator as they need a bit of head to get them growing.
  3. Move deciduous shrubs – now is the perfect time to grab a couple of forks and a spade and dig up those shrubs that are too big for a particular area and move them to somewhere more suitable. Make sure you take as much of the root ball as possible so you minimise damage. Don’t forget to water them well once they’re in their new position.
  4. Sort your borders – clear out dead leaves, cutback growth from deciduous grasses and divide herbaceous perennials. If the soil isn’t too hard or full of water, then it’s a great idea to work in some well-rotted manure or other organic matter into your beds.
  5. Plan – doing a little garden planning ahead of venturing out with a spade in hand is not only an effective time management tool but it can save you a lot og unnecessary back pain too. From the comfort of your armchair you can order summer flowering bulbs and seeds and plan any new garden layouts on paper. Alternatively there are many apps out there that can do all the hard work for you, but we prefer to grab a cuppa and plot it out on paper.

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