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Pair Maker Fitting Guide


Our helpful guide will take you through everything you need to know about how to install your Pair Maker.

Remember – always refer to the fitting instructions supplied prior to installation. With all joinery work where tools are involved, please ensure you take care and work safely.


To Begin

Start by hanging the door pair in your frame (without the Pair Maker) and make sure the gap between the 2 doors is a continuous 15mm (13mm for the Pair Maker and a 2mm gap).

Now you need to decide which door you would like to open first, as it will be the OPPOSITE door you fit the Pair Maker to. For Example, if you want the left hand door to open first as per the diagram, attach the Pair Maker to the right hand door.


Temporarily fit the Pair Maker to the chosen door edge to ensure that the doors open and close correctly and the height of the Pair Maker matches that of the doors. NOTE: You will need to cut a notch into the Pair Maker at the top that is the same depth as your door stop/rebate. See below image:

If there is some rubbing or stiffness, remove the door that won’t have the Pair Maker attached and plane the edge. If the Pair Maker is too tall, reduce the height by cutting it. Temporarily reattach the Pair Maker once you have planed and re-hung the door to ensure a perfect fit.

Using pins and glue, attach the Pair Maker to the door edge. Make sure you align the Pair Maker so the top and bottom are flush with the doors.


Please see below frame dimensions for our door pairs with Pair Maker. These are calculated as follows:

Clearance between frame and door – (2mm each side) + gap between the middle of the doors – (2mm) + gap for Pair Maker – (13mm)+ door size x 2.

533mm doors – Required frame size 1,085mm 686mm doors – Required frame size 1,391mm
573mm doors – Required frame size 1,165mm 762mm doors – Required frame size 1,543mm
610mm doors – Required frame size 1,239mm 838mm doors – Required frame size 1,695mm


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