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6 Reasons We ❤️ Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a stylish and modern way to add extra personality to your home. Not only do they look great anywhere, you’ll be enhancing the functionality of your space too.  With our huge range of finishes and styles, it’s no wonder so many people are choosing them.  To find out more about the advantages of sliding doors, take a look at our infographic and 6 reasons why they’re a fantastic choice for any home.


If you want to create the flow of natural light throughout your home, glazed sliding doors will give you a bigger area of glass to allow more light through.not only is that this is a great way to brighten up your home it’ll give the illusion of more space.


Sliding doors allow you to create different zones in your space without shutting areas off completely.  This is a great advantage if you work from home and need to have privacy but still stay connected to the rest of the family.


With conventional doors you need to leave a clear area around the opening, which naturally takes up floor space.  If you choose sliding doors you don’t need to worry about this and this frees up valuable space and gives you more options on where you can install them.

Seamless Access

The mechanism used gives you a smooth, easy to open door, which is often a wider opening than a traditional door.  In areas such as busy kitchens this is a huge benefit, allowing more space to pass through, with quicker seamless access.


Choosing sliding doors will even give you peace and quiet, you’ll never have to hear a slam again! With our systems, your door glide open and shut peacefully, avoiding the risk of waking up the whole house every time you leave the room.

Style and Choice

Our range of sliding doors has been designed to fit all types of homes and families.  There is a style to suit everyone. Sliding doors give you the chance to be more creative with your internal door choices. 

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