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How to Choose Paint Colours

When it comes to designing your home, choosing the right paint colour for your walls has more power than you might think. It can make a small room feel bigger and a large room feel more intimate. Faced with a paint chart and your own preferences – which are also an essential part of the equation – how do you go about choosing? How can you tell which colour has what qualities? And how does the orientation of the room affect what the paint will actually look like when it’s on the wall? Our infographic can help you prepare for the job of choosing your perfect colour.

Four tips for choosing paint colours in your home

Try out paint testers  – Before committing to a paint colour, get some tester pots of of the colours you like and paint some colour swatches onto a large piece of paper

Tape colour swatches to your walls – Tape the swatches to the walls in your home so you get a better idea of what the colours will look like in different light

Use a Paint Colour Consultant – Can’t decide or you need a second opinion, then call in the experts. A professional Paint Colour Consultant will come to your home and give you expert advice to help you make a decision.

Have your walls digitally painted – You can now download software or use an app to digitally paint a picture of your room so you can see what it will look like before having to commit.  Clever stuff!

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