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Selling Your Home

Five things that could instantly increase your property’s value

1) Freshen Up Your Kitchen

Freshen Up Your Kitchen A fresh coat of paint and tidy appliances can really accelerate a buyer’s interest. Staging your kitchen for photos and viewings is crucial to helping new movers imagine their lives in your property. Hanging pot racks, fitting a new tap, and collecting matching appliances can really help bring the space together!

2) Get Inventive With Your Storage Space

Get Inventive With Your Storage Space When moving, fuelling a buyer’s imagination is key. Creating interesting and handy storage space is a great way to utilise floor space and attract attention. Cupboard inserts, vacuumed sealed bags and even creating new storage space with under-the-stairs sliding cupboards can help make the space look more flexible.

3) Apply For Planning Permission

Applying for Planning Permission So, you may not be thinking of starting the extension you talked about years ago, but your new buyers might! Planning permission will open up new doors to buyers and get them thinking about how they could further develop their new home. The possibilities that come with planning permission can add up to 10% potential value.

4) Declutter Declutter Declutter

Declutter Declutter Declutter Yes! It really is that simple! Decluttering your property and showing it off is a sure way to increase the interest and buzz in your home. Putting items away or tidying up to give rooms a simple, modern look will let buyers view a canvas of their future. It will also help show off the size of the rooms and be easier for when you complete the sale!

5) Check The Colour Wheel

Check The Colour Wheel Colours have everything to do with setting the mood of a room, that’s why a fresh coat of paint in a great colour can help boost the popularity of your property. The right colour not only affects your mood, but can also highlight the lightness, cosiness, height and aura of a space. Though neutral colours like brown, grey, white and cream have been a fan favourite to create simple but elegant living room looks, people are getting experimental and trying out reds, greens and blues this year! Fresh paint not only highlights to the buyers that the property is well maintained, but also the smell of fresh paint gives the same effect as the smell of a new car!

Don’t Give Up Easily We know that moving can seem like a big task, and a few simple changes might just be what you need to get your sale over the finish line!

Article from Wards of Kent Newsletter June 2022 with thanks.

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