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Fireworks Night Infographic

Remember, remember the fifth of November.

Green Tree Doors have created an infographic filled with interesting and fun facts about fireworks! There’s also some great safety advice to make sure that your Bonfire Night plans go off without any incidents or impromptu trips to A&E.

Fireworks night safety is incredibly important, here are some do’s and don’ts to help you on the night.

Do: Give yourself space when watching fireworks and near bonfires, ensure children ae supervised at all times, keep a bucket of water ready for emergencies, keep your fireworks in a closed box away from fire and make sure all fires and hot sources are extinguished before the end of the night.

Don’t: Don’t go near a lit firework, don’t return to a firework once it has already been lit – even if it hasn’t gone off, don’t consume alcohol if in charge of lighting the fireworks, don’t light fireworks after 11pm, don’t light bonfires or fireworks near trees or buildings and never use an alternative fuel source such as petrol for fires.

  • Did you know sparklers burn between 1000-1500 degrees centigrade? Make sure to put them out in a bucket.
  • There are approximately 990 injuries in recent years from fireworks, of which 494 were children.
  • Fireworks for pets can be confusing, they do not understand what the loud noises are, help them by closing windows and curtains and put the TV or Radio on to distract from the noise.
  • Look for the certification mark and code BS7114 to ensure your fireworks conform to British Standards.

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