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DIY Christmas Wreaths

A Christmas wreath is an easy way to bring a little festive magic into your home, whether you hang it on your front door, in the hallway, or use it as a table centrepiece. Christmas Wreaths play a big part in everyone’s Christmas decorations and it is a great way to add a splash of colour or texture that you haven’t used before. See below for some imaginative ideas.


Our Favourite DIY Christmas Wreaths

1) Christmas Presents:- Wrap presents in your favourite Christmas paper and arrange

2) Bows:- Just grab a bag of bows and your glue gun and get to work

3) Feathers:- Simple and modern. You can use a feather boa to create this wreath

4) Pom Poms:- Pom Poms are so easy to make and look so good you’ll want to keep this wreath up all year

5) Enchanted:- Modern and whimsy. Use double hoops to create this simple and charming wreath

6) Rainbow baubles:- Another cheery and easy DIY wreath to add some fun to your Christmas decor

The first wreath is also about Christmas Presents – wrap presents in your favourite christmas paper and arrange around in a wreath with different sizes and shapes.

Have you ever thought that you could do more with wrapping decorations that just putting them on a present? How about arranging bows into a wreath, use different size bows to fill the spaces plus different colours to go with your colour theme.

Feathers are a unique and modern way to create a wreath and to make it even quicker, you could even use a feather boa.

Pompoms are so easy to make with different thickness and colour wool and will look so good that you will want to keep using this wreath, year after year.

If you are after a more whimsical, natural look then go for this enchanted wreath design. Use double hoops and beautiful foliage, pine branches along with Christmas baubles to create a simple and charming wreath.

Last but not least a rainbow bauble wreath. A beautiful cheery and easy DIY wreath to add some colour and fun to your Christmas decor.

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