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Working From Home Infographic

To ensure a successful working from home situation, follow these three simple ideas…

At the height of lockdown, 60% of the UK’s adult population were working from home. 26% of the British Population plan to continue to work from home permanently or occasionally after lockdown.

To ensure a successful working from home situation, here are 3 simple ideas to help.

  1. Keep in Contact – it can feel quite isolating working remotely so make use of group messenger, Whatsapp, Teams, Skype, emails and video chats to ensure frequent check-ins and catch ups to help you stay up to date and in contact with everyone.
  2. Separate work from home – it’s easy to just set up your desk at the nearest available space to you, but aim to create a separate ‘working space’. If space is tight then arrange a suitable table as a working desk in the morning and at the end of the day put it all out of sight.
  3. Prepare healthy snacks – keep your energy levels topped up with healthy snacks. Nuts and fruit are a good choice to prevent the mid afternoon slump and you reaching for the biscuit tin.

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