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Choosing a Door Pair for your home


We know choosing the right Door Pair for your home can be a big decision. Here at Green Tree Doors, we want to help you to make the choice that is right for you. We have put together this handy guide on what you should consider before making your decision.


Door Pairs, Double Doors, French Doors – What’s the difference?

There isn’t one. Some people refer to them as Double Doors, others as Door Pairs and some as Internal French Doors. We at Green Tree Doors use the term Door Pairs but they are all one in the same.


Different types of Door Pairs

Here at Green Tree Doors, we sell 2 different styles of Door Pair – Rebated Pairs and Pair Maker Pairs.

Rebated Pairs – These are sets of double doors that have a naturally inserted lip on the long side where the two doors meet. This meeting point is generally referred to as the rebated meeting stile. This rebated creates a flush look, specifically designed for the doors to meet perfectly creating a seamless double door room divider. The main benefit of Rebated Pairs is that the rebate gives a neater, flush finish.

Below is an example of how the rebate works on our Rebated Pairs:

Rebated Door Pair

Pair Maker Pairs – These are 2 doors, supplied with a separate T Section piece which can be fitted to 1 of the doors, adding a rebated and turning them into a pair. The benefits are that you can turn any 2 doors into a pair (no rebate required). The main purpose of the Pair Maker is to eliminate the gap that is present with square meeting stiles. The main benefit of this style of Door Pair is that you have a much wider choice of styles and finishes as any doors can be turned into a pair with the use of a Pair Maker.

Below is an example of how a Pair Maker can look when used on a pair of doors:

Glazing Options

If you are considering installing a Door Pair in a place where privacy is important, such as between a bedroom and en-suite bathroom, or for dividing 2 bedrooms, then a panelled pair may be most appropriate.
However, if your Door Pair is being installed so that more light can flow between rooms and to really open up your space (and privacy isn’t an issue), our clear glazed sets are for you. Clear Door Pairs are great for diving a lounge and dining area, or play area.
The other option you have is frosted/obscure glass. This really does give you the best of both worlds, allowing for some privacy, whilst still letting light flow between rooms.


Finish Options

The finish will depend on personal preference and what would suit your space. You can choose from unfinished Oak, which can be finished on site with a lacquer or varnish. Alternatively, you can go for White Primed, which will require a final coat of paint once received.
The other option is to opt for Pre-Finished. These doors are factory finished with a clear lacquer and as such, are ready to hang and enjoy.

Please note that the Pair Maker is supplied in unfinished Oak and will require the same finish as the doors once installed.


Style Options

The choice is yours! Are you looking for a modern pair, or something more traditional? How about a Shaker Style, or something with a cottage feel? Here at Green Tree Doors we have a wide range of styles to choose from and we are sure you will find one to suit your home.

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