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Rebated V’s Door Pair with T-section

The Difference between a Rebated Door Pair and a Door Pair with T-section/Pair Maker

There are a number of ways you can create a door pair – it’s worth looking at the options before you go ahead. Also, you may want to enlist the help of a professional joiner, as ensuring both doors are perfectly lined up is vital when it comes to achieving a great finish.

What is a Rebated Door Pair?

The word “rebate” in joinery terms relates to allowing the two doors to overlap where the meeting rails of the doors join when closed.  Machining a rebate is when half thethickness’ of the door is channelled out to allow the doors to interlock.

A rebated door pair has a naturally embedded lip where the 2 doors meet called a rebated meeting stile. Because of this, the doors appear more flush and solid than using a door pair maker. Green Tree Door Rebated Doors feature an embedded lip, similar to 2 connecting L shapes that create a master door and a slave. As a result, this allows the master to open outwards and close freely without any interaction with the slave door. Please note when opening inward, the right-hand door pushes first.


Door Pair with a Green Tree Doors T-section/Pair Maker 

Turn any pair of 35mm thick internal oak doors into a pair of internal french doors with our oak look t section/pair maker. This option means that the flat vertical edges of the doors meet when closed.

The t section/pair maker can be fitted to either the left or right hand door.

It is manufactured from premium selected tropical hardwood and supplied pre-sanded, unfinished and ready for you to finish in the same treatment as your internal doors.

Simply attach the pair maker to the edge of the door that you wish to be the slave door.


Included in a Green Tree Pair:

2 x Doors 1 x Pair Maker

Important Info

Pair Maker/T Section, Needs Finishing

Sizing & Fitting

For use with 35mm thick internal doors. 2.1m length. Lip is 3mm, adds 13mm to width of pair.

The pair maker can be cut down to fit a standard sized internal door.




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