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Happy Halloween 2020

Trick-or-Treat alternatives to help your family celebrate Halloween safely this year.



Here are some ideas on how to celebrate halloween differently this year.

  • Trick or treating – during COVID, trick or treating is going to look different. One idea you can do with the kids is to go pumpkin spotting, for every pumpkin you find, you can give the kids a treat.
  • Carve a pumpkin but not how you may expect – scary faces don’t always have to be the go to choice, you can also create beautiful scenes, writing plus fun pictures!
  • Following on from carving pumpkins, have you ever tried carving anything else, such as a pineapple, watermelon, butternut squash or even a pepper.
  • Wreaths have been more and more popular throughout the year, why not make one for Halloween. There are some amazing Halloween themed wreaths that you can make in your own home. You can use pumpkin lights, autumn leaves and fake cobwebs to decorate your home for Halloween.
  • Now with the social distancing in place, people may not want to have trick or treaters knocking on the door, so why not create a sweet shoot to hand out sweets instead, all you need is a spare length of guttering.
  • Bake your own Halloween Treats – from puff pastry mummies, to alien cupcakes and spiderweb cookies. There are some amazing recipe ideas out there, just get googling.
  • Finally we have found some great Halloween playlists available on Spotify, so get dancing!

Did you know?

35% of costumes are bought online.

£320 million is spent on Halloween in the UK every year.

£1.72 is the average pumpkin cost.

47% of adults believe in ghosts.

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