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October Half Term

This half term, why not get involved in some of our great family activities?  Take a trip to a farm, discover National Trust gardens or get creative outside with a scavenger hunt.


Things to do with the kids over October Half Term. You could go for a walk long refreshing walk, create a challenge of trying to find certain things out on your walk like a scavenger hunt. There are many different child friendly farms to go to with playgrounds, cafes and animals all in one place and caters to a variety of age groups. Sometimes it can be found that the sun comes out in October, so why not spend a day at the beach, collecting shells, running around and playing with the sea. Depending on where you live, there may be local places to go for sightseeing which is great day out plus you can incorporate some learning as well.

One of the things that we love to do here at Green Tree Doors is to get crafty, whether it be painting, sewing, building or just getting messy with the kids. During Half Term it is normally Halloween, you could always make some fun Halloween themed baked treats or sweetie pots for when the trick or treaters come around. Another Halloween idea is to create your very own costume using items you already have in the house rather than buying new.

Some more favourite here at Green Tree Doors is to try out a trampoline park if there is one near you, helps the kids to burn off some holiday energy or perhaps going on a bike ride. At our head offices in the south coast we are very lucky to be able to enjoy a bike ride along the beach. What is near where you live?

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