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The Benefits of Engineered Doors

Engineered timber has somehow acquired a bad reputation for itself. There’s a common misconception that products with an engineered core are inferior to solid equivalents. This may be down to the lower price as well as the implied quality difference between “solid” and “engineered”. While it’s true that a solid oak door has a desirability factor to it, a like for like engineered system has significant performance benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked.


An engineered core is able to evenly distribute any stress applied to it.  This makes an engineered door far more stable than its solid counterpart.  No warping.

MDF = No Cracking

The best engineered doors will have been painstakingly put together and look just as good as their solid wood counterparts.  They’re also resistant to cracking because the panels are veneer pressed MDF

Robust and Reliable

Engineered to withstand extreme climate conditions.  They are resistant to warping which is among the most glaring weaknesses of solid wood doors. Engineering ensures no shrinkage or expansion.

Colour Matching Veneers

Our veneers are professionally prepared to ensure they are carefully matched to achieve uniform colour and grain pattern.

Energy Efficiency

A modern engineered core will have better thermal performance than a solid piece of wood.  Advanced technology and high precision equipment are used to manufacture our timber doors.

Planet Friendly

We use environmentally friendly raw materials and ensure that felled trees are replaced with saplings to ensure a growth of the forest.

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