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Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Green Tree Doors is committed to reducing our impact on the environment in all areas of our business.
Our long term commitment is to continue to raise awareness and promote sustainability among our team members, suppliers and customers.
Here are some ways in which you can make a difference with your environmental impact by reducing waste and saving energy.

Here are some simple steps that you can take to reduce the environmental impact you may have.

  1. Conserve water – not using it, then turn it off. Watch your water usage by turning off taps when not in use and fix leaking taps. Take short showers to avoid unnecessary water consumption. Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth, also you could install a low flow toilet.
  2. Reduce your waste – make it a habit to recycle too. Help reduce your eco footprint by practicing recycling, composting and saying ‘no’ to disposables. Take bags with you when you go shopping so you don’t need to purchase new ones. Recycling eliminates the need for new material to make new products.
  3. Save and maximise energy – use energy saving appliances. Use less energy by turning off appliances when not in use. Switch to energy saving bulbs and invest in energy saving appliances and products. All energy saving light bulbs (CFLs) can be recycled, also you can turn down your thermostat.
  4. Walk and travel green – less pollution, more benefits. 25% of the world’s gas emissions are caused by vehicles. Walking to the shops, cycling or taking public transport could reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Electric cars twinned with solar panels is a great investment.
  5. Use renewable – use renewable energy where possible. Generating your own renewable energy for your heating, hot water and electrical supply saves carbon and can feed it back in to the grid. Install solar panels on your roof top and use solar powered objects and solar battery chargers for your digital devices.
  6. Simple Living – be content with what you have and find joy in simple pleasures. Unless drastic action is taken to protect our planet, there will be severe consequences for human kind.

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