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Fitting Advice

Here at Green Tree Doors, we want to make sure we provide you with all the help and advice you could need when purchasing and fitting one of our doors. From measurements, to storage and installation; we have it covered!

Our Door Sizes

Below is a list of our door sizes in metric, imperial inches and imperial feet and inches. If your opening doesn’t feature on the below list, you need not worry. Contact us for more information or for further advice on which size door is best for your application.

EXAMPLE: If the door you are looking to replace is 758mm wide, you could opt for a 762mm door and trim off 4mm (2mm from each side).

NOTE: Always opt for a door that’s slightly bigger if your exact size is unavailable.

Trimming our doors

All our doors can be trimmed both from the sides and the top/bottom. The maximum amount that can be removed from the edges is 12mm in total (6mm from each edge) and the maximum that can be removed from the height of the door is 20mm (10mm from the top and bottom). Please note we do not recommend trimming the width of our rebated pairs due to the rebated edge.

Removing any more than this could damage the integrity of the door and as such we cannot accept any returns for doors that have been damaged due to too much being trimmed.

Please note that if you are removing anything from our pre-finished doors, you will need to refinish the door with a clear lacquer or similar. If you remove any from our white primed doors, you will also need to re-prime the affected areas. With our unfinished doors, we do recommend making sure all surfaces are smooth before finishing. Giving them a light sanding will help achieve this.

Storage (prior to fitting)

If you are not fitting your items straight away, please make sure each door is:

  • Laid flat in the original packaging, in a dry room
  • Away from any heat sources and direct sunlight
  • Not stored in a newly plastered room (due to the high moisture content in the air)

We highly recommend you leave any packaging on your doors until you are ready to install to ensure maximum protection. We do ask that you check your items on delivery and suggest if you need to un-package your doors to do this, repackage them up whilst storing them.

Fitting Bifold Frames

Our bi-fold frames are supplied in 4 different sizes. You will be supplied with a frame large enough for your opening and because of this, you may need to cut the frame to the exact size required.

Fitting Frosted Glass Doors

Our frosted glass doors are acid etched on one side. This means that one side is textured and the other is smooth. Because of this, light can reflect differently through the doors depending on which way round they are hung.

Please check which way you are hanging the doors prior to fitting. To do this, remove the protective film if there is any, from the glass to check you are hanging the doors the way you would like them. If you are hanging the doors in a pair or a bi-fold, please ensure the smooth side of the glass is facing the same way in all doors.


As timber is a natural material, incorrect installation could lead to warping or bowing as their structure may be put under stress they are not designed to take. Please ensure you have the correct brickwork opening before starting installation. Any alterations to your items means they cannot be returned.

We recommend the use of a professional trades person for installation to ensure a suitable process is used.

Please do not attempt to install any defective product. We will replace any damaged or defective item. Installation is deemed acceptance that the product is fit for purpose.

If you have any questions or need any advice or guidance, please give us a call on 01246 813131 and we will be happy to help.

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