Seconds - Unfinished Oak Shaker 1 Light Frosted 533mm / 21"


Seconds - Unfinished Oak Shaker 1 Light Frosted 533mm / 21"

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Please note - Unless you receive a door where the damage is more than the damage described, our seconds are non returnable.

Usual price - £119.99 Seconds price only - £49.99

Green Tree Doors have for sale at a heavily discounted price due to damage, an Unfinished Oak Shaker 1 Light Frosted 533mm (21"). 
More about the Oak Shaker 1 Light Frosted Door

The Oak Shaker 1 Light Frosted is a great example of a simple yet stylish designed door. Featuring 1 large pane of frosted toughened safety glass. This door allows maximum light into the room but with the added advantage of a little privacy from the frosted glass. This door would be ideal for a dining room, study or even a bathroom. The door is supplied unfinished ready for the finish of your choice. Our frosted glass is frosted using an acid etch technique.

The glass is 5mm thick and all glass has been toughened in accordance with BSEN 12150 and marked accordingly in the bottom right hand corner of each pane.

DAMAGE - Dark marks on the edges and glass imperfections. Simply sand down the edges and then finish with oil or paint. Please refer to the image for a detailed look at the damage. If you need more details please send us a message.
REDUCING THE SIZE - We recommend removing a maximum of 12mm from the width of the door (6mm equally from each side) and 20mm from the height (10mm equally from each side).  If removing anything from a white primed door, please note you will need to re-prime the door before finishing it with a final coat of paint.

DETAILS - This door is supplied unfinished oak, ready for finishing and is available in 533mm (21") width and 1981mm (78") height.

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