White Primed Shaker 4 Light Clear Rebated Door Pair


White Primed Shaker 4 Light Clear Rebated Door Pair

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The White Primed Shaker 4 Light rebated door pair is a great addition to any home, a modern style and with 4 panes of clear toughened safety glass. A rebated door pair has a naturally embedded lip where the 2 doors meet called a rebated meeting stile. This allows the doors to appear more flush and solid than using a door pair maker. The embedded lip on the doors is similar to 2 connecting L shapes that create a master door and a slave. This allows the master to open outwards and close freely without any interaction with the slave door. This rebated door pair is white primed and is available in 3 sizes. 

Size of rebate - 6mm on each door
Size of each door - 573mm/610mm/686mm
Total width of pair - 1134mm/1208mm/1360mm

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 Clear safety glass in accordance with BSEN 12150 and marked accordingly in the bottom right hand corner of each pane

 Comes with unfinished pair maker which will require the same finish as the doors and cut down to the height of your doors.

 White Primed

 Doors are white primed, constructed with 12mm lippings, engineered construction with solid core, veneer and lippings

 Door height - 1981mm, Door thickness - 35mm

 Before fitting your door pair maker, decide which door you want to be the opening door - the pair maker piece will be fitted to the opposite door. Ensure there is a small gap between the door edge and the door pair maker to prevent any rubbing. It is always best to temporarily fit the pair maker first so you can test the opening and closing.

Trimming our doors - we recommend removing a maximum of 12mm from the width of the door (6mm equally from each side) and 20mm from the height (10mm equally from each side).

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