Oak Mexicana Internal Door Pair

Oak Mexicana Internal Door Pair

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A popular and stylish door, now available as a pair! With an attractive and popular design, the Mexicana is a high quality door that will last. This door pair is supplied in unfinished oak ready for the finish of your choice. Leave them natural for a cottage look, or paint it for a more modern feel. Available in a wide range of sizes, you are sure to find the right one for you. The solid panels on these doors allow for maximum privacy.

This pair comes with an unfinished Oak door pair maker which will require the same finish as the doors.
You will need to cut the pair maker down to size in order for the height to match the height of the doors.

Approximate opening sizes required are:

533mm (21") doors 1081mm
573mm (22.5") doors 1161mm
610mm (24") doors 1235mm
686mm (27") doors 1387mm
711mm (28") doors 1437mm
762mm (30") doors 1539mm
838mm (33") doors 1691mm

The pair maker is 2.1m long and can be cut down to fit a standard sized internal door.
The small lip that goes around the back of the door is 3mm in size.
The width of the piece that lies between the 2 doors is 13mm.
The overall height of the piece is 51mm.

Advice before fitting your door pair maker:

The T Section/Pair Maker can be fitted to either door.
Decide which door you want to be the opening door - the pair maker piece will be fitted to the opposite door.
Ensure there is a small gap between the door edge and the door pair maker to prevent any rubbing.
It is always best to temporarily fit the pair maker first so you can test the opening and closing.
If there is rubbing, remove the pair maker and sand it down slightly.
Ensure the pair maker is flush with the top and bottom of the door.

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Construction - Engineered with a solid core, oak veneer and lippings. Thickness per door - 35mm, Height per door 1981mm

Trimming our doors - we recommend removing a maximum of 12mm from the width of the door (6mm equally from each side) and 20mm from the height (10mm equally from each side).

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