DISCONTINUED Pre-finished Oak Shaker 4 Light Frosted Internal Bifold System

DISCONTINUED Pre-finished Oak Shaker 4 Light Frosted Internal Bifold System

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We have now discontinued this range so have discounted the remaining stock. All items are new and excellent condition.

The Pre-finished Shaker 4 Light Clear Bifold System is a very popular choice. All the doors are factory finished with a clear lacquer. The frosted glazed panels allow a gentle diffusion of light through the doors whilst also allowing for privacy. A fantastic and popular choice for dividing living and dining spaces. As this system is supplied pre-finished, there’s no further decoration required to the doors. Boasting a sleek design with perfectly frosted glazed panels and super-smooth tracking, there’s no better way to update the look of your home.

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✔ Comes complete with an unfinished frame, doors and hardware (including head track, running gear, hinges/pivot sets). 

Choose from 2 door up to 5 door systems. Our 5 Door Bifold Systems come with floor tracking.

All the weight of the doors is carried in the head track, for a much smoother operation.

Frosted toughened safety glass in accordance with BSEN 12150 and marked accordingly in the bottom right hand corner of each pane, frosted glass using an acid etch technique 

 Prefinished Oak Doors, constructed with 12mm lippings, engineered construction with solid core, veneer and lippings.

Not included: Handles, Latches, Dropbolts. Please note we recommend the use of dropbolts to ensure the doors are stable when closed. To install, holes will need to be made in the floor.

Click here for General Hardware Fitting instructions. Click here for a frame guide and frame fitting guide.

Please see the table below for details of frame sizes, structural opening sizes and configuration options for all variations of this system.


Trimming our doors - we recommend removing a maximum of 12mm from the width of the door (6mm equally from each side) and 20mm from the height (10mm equally from each side).

Checking the frosted glass - Our frosted glass doors are acid etched on one side, which means the other side has a smooth finish. Because of this, please check that you are hanging the doors the same way as light can reflect differently through the doors depending on which way round they are hung. Prior to hanging, please remove the protective film to ensure you are hanging the doors with the frosted side of the glass facing the way you desire. If you are hanging the doors as a pair or a bifold, please ensure the frosted side faces the same way on each door.


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