Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Below is a list of our frequently asked questions. Please do take the time to have a read through and if you have any further questions, you can either call us on 01246 813131 or email us at sales@greentreedoors.co.uk and we would be happy to help.


Can I order over the phone instead of doing so online?     

Of course! Our opening hours are Mon-Fri 10am to 4pm.

Orders can be placed online outside of these hours, however if you would like to speak to someone directly, please call within these hours.

We also have an online chat facility available so you can chat live to our Customer Service Team.

Please note that if your telephone order is larger than £1000, we may require further identification and checks before we can process.

Please call 01246 813131 to find out more.


What are your delivery costs?

We offer free delivery within 4 working days to mainland UK for our single doors, door pairs, frames and hardware.

Our bifolds can take slightly longer, within 7 working days, or express delivery within 3 working days to mainland UK for an additional charge. 

Please visit our Delivery and Returns page for more detailed information.

Please note any order cancelled after an item has been dispatched is subject to a cancellation charge. This is calculated based on the size of your order. Further details are available on our Delivery and Returns page. 

If delivery fails on the proposed delivery date for large orders or after 3 attempts for smaller order because there is no one available to take delivery, then we reserve the right to charge for any further attempted deliveries, transportation charges or storage charge which we incur as a result. The same is for collections requested by the customer.

Deliveries are scheduled to be attempted any time between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday. Some courier companies will try and call before their time of arrival, however, we cannot take responsibility for this. Our delivery agreement with them is for deliveries between 8am and 7pm.


Can I return my order if I have changed my mind?

If you would like to return your order, you can do so within 30 days of receipt of your delivery for a small fee. We charge this fee to ensure that our costs are covered when arranging the collection of your items. The details of these fees are available on our Delivery and Returns page.

All returns need to be in their original packaging and in the same condition they were received in. 

How quickly can I expect my order?

If your items are in stock, we will deliver within 4 working days to mainland UK, unless you have selected express delivery, in which case your delivery will be within 2 working days to mainland UK. Our bifolds can take slightly longer, within 7 working days.

If you place an order and one or more of your items are currently not in stock, we will contact you straight away to discuss your options.


Do you deliver to my street?

We normally deliver direct to your door. However we do ask that if there are any access restrictions to your address you advise us by calling 01246 813131 or emailing sales@greentreedoors.co.uk.

Most of our deliveries are carried out either in a 7.5T lorry or a long wheel base transit van.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept all major credit and debit cards via our payment gateway, Sage Pay. We also accept Paypal. We may be able to accept cash on collection, however please contact us prior to placing an order to discuss available options.

Where do your doors come from?

In order to maintain the highest level of quality at fantastic prices, our doors are sourced from all over the world, including Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia and China.

Do you offer a fitting service?

We do not offer a fitting service at this time. In general it is much more cost effective to use a local, reputable tradesperson.

Can I arrange my Carpenter/Joiner before I receive my goods?

Please do not arrange for your carpenter/joiner to fit your doors until you are certain the goods have arrived, been checked and are suitable for the installation intended. We cannot offer a refund or exchange if your good have been ordered incorrectly and have already been installed.

What does 'Oak Look' mean?

All items described as oak look are suitable for use with oak products due to the colour match. All oak look items are manufactured in premium selected tropical hardwood and suitable for external use.

What does White Primed mean?

Priming is a special paint that seals the wood and promote adhesion to the final finish. Our white primed doors come primed from the factory and are ready for final coat of paint for finishing.

What does Unfinished mean?

Unfinished internal doors are oak veneer doors which require sanding and sealing with oil or lacquer suitable for veneered doors to finish.

How much can I trim off my door?

We advise you to trim no more than 12mm from the width of the door (6mm from each side max) and 20mm from the top and bottom of the door (10mm from either edge max). Removing any more than this could damage the integrity of the door and as such we cannot accept any returns for doors that have been damaged due to too much being trimmed.

Please note that if you are removing anything from our pre-finished doors, you will need to re-finish the door with a clear lacquer or similar. If you remove any from our white primed doors, you will also need to re-prime the affected areas. With our unfinished doors, we do recommend making sure all surfaces are smooth before finishing. Giving them a light sanding will help achieve this.

If in doubt, please call us on 01246 813131 or email us at sales@greentreedoors.co.uk.

Why do I need to trim my bifold frame?

Our bifold frames are supplied in 4 different sizes and you will be supplied with a frame large enough for your opening. Because of this, you may need to cut the frame to the exact size required.

Is the glass in your glass doors Safety Glass?

Yes, all of the glass used in our pre-glazed doors is toughened 5mm safety glass and conforms to both British and European Standards.

What does 'Acid Etched' frosted glass mean?

Our frosted glass doors are acid etched on one side, which means the other side has a smooth finish. Because of this, please check that you are hanging the doors the same way as light can reflect differently through the doors depending on which way round they are hung. After finishing the doors and prior to hanging, please remove the protective film to ensure you are hanging the doors with the frosted side of the glass facing the way you desire. If you are hanging the doors as a pair or a bifold, please ensure the frosted side faces the same way on each door.

Why are there clear patches on my frosted glass?

This effect is usually caused by a substance 'filling in' the glass etching and turning it almost transparent (usually caused by silicone). It can be removed with white spirits or methylated spirits and vigorous rubbing of the transparent patch. Once the spirit has been applied, please leave the glass to dry and it should become obscure again. If in doubt, please contact us on 01246 813131 or email us at sales@greentreedoors.co.uk.

Do the prices on screen include VAT?

Yes, all our prices shown on our website include VAT and Standard UK Mainland Delivery.

What does the code 'RM2S' mean?

The 'RM' refers to the mouldings. Raised mouldings are separately machined beads fixed to the face of the door. Raised mouldings are applied around fielded panels and glass openings to give the door a more traditional character and visual depth. The '2S' means that the raised mouldings are on both sides of the door (2 sides).

What does the flame logo mean?

If you see the flame logo next to a door, this means that it is a fire rated door. A fire resistance rating relates to how long the door will hold back fire based on its resistance to temperature. All our fire doors are FD30 rated and as such achieve 30 minutes of fire protection. We currently have 2 styles of fire doors available, however we will increasing our range soon!

Are your doors solid or of engineered construction?

ll of our doors are made using modern engineered construction techniques. These modern techniques help our doors to achieve better levels of performance and stability. Engineered production within the timber industry also helps reduce the environmental impact of timber based products. Our engineered doors may contain laminated, MDF or particleboard components.

All our doors are constructed with dowels, which means they are jointed using dripped holes and fluted dowels. This method is widely used within the door industry and now has the added benefit of modern high tech adhesives to give a strong, hardwearing joint.

What product should I use to finish my doors?

We recommend using a full paint finish (primer, undercoat, gloss) or high performance stain/lacquer suitable for veneered doors.

How can I compare imperial and metric door sizes?

35 x 533 x 1981mm       21" x 78"       1'9" x 6'6"

35 x 573 x 1981mm       22.5" x 78"    1'11" x 6'6"

35 x 610 x 1981mm       24" x 78"       2'0" x 6'6"

35 x 686 x 1981mm       27" x 78"       2'3" x 6'6"

35 x 711 x 1981mm        28" x 78"       2'4" x 6'6"

35 x 762 x 1981mm       30" x 78"       2'6" x 6'6"

35 x 838 x 1981mm       33" x 78"       2'9" x 6'6"


Do your doors come with a guarantee?

All of our doors and hardware are guaranteed for five years against the occurrence of manufacturing faults.

The guarantee is conditional upon following and complying with the instructions and recommendations in our installation, care and maintenance instructions. This guarantee covers replacement of faulty parts only and does not cover incidental expenses.


Prefinished door sets

All fully finished door sets come with finish guarantees. However they must be well maintained and re-coated as and when necessary before the coating breaks down. Moisture must not be allowed to penetrate the timber during the life of the product. It is very important that the finish on your door set is checked every six months for deterioration, and re-coated if necessary. This will maintain the decorative finish and ensure that no moisture enters the timber of the doors and frames during the life of the product, giving long lasting performance. All our finish guarantees are offered in accordance with EN927/1-7.


Treating unfinished door sets

All our unfinished doorsets come with a 3 month guarantee subject to the following guidelines. We recommend finishing unfinished exterior door sets with a high build microporous wood coating system. This should consist of one coat of base stain and two coats of top coat, in a wood stain or paint colour of your choice.


After delivery, doorsets should be stored in a dry location, with doors and frames stored flat, slightly raised from the ground to ensure adequate air circulation. They MUST be decorated as soon as possible after delivery to stop moisture imbalances. All surfaces and edges of the doors and frames (even the back) must be coated with these three coats to adequately protect the timber and stop moisture getting in. The finish must be regularly maintained to ensure moisture does not penetrate into the timber during the life of the product. All surfaces must be treated/sealed at the same time to prevent distortion from moisture imbalance. Important: Unfinished sets must be decorated in accordance with British Standard Code of Practice BS 6150:1991 Painting of Buildings and BS 8000 Part 12 1989 - BEFORE the door set is installed. Failure to do so will invalidate the guarantee. We do not recommend finishing with Danish oil, wax or any finish other than a medium to high build microporous wood finishing system. Please note that the use of steel wool, or allowing steel or iron fragments to come into contact with the untreated oak timber or veneers may cause oxidisation resulting in black stain. Green Tree Doors will not take responsibility for any inappropriately decorated products and any faults arising therefrom.


If you have any further questions, then please give us a call on 01246 813131