Door Pairs

Door Pairs


A wide range of internal door pairs and double doors delivered to your door within 7 working days for free throughout mainland UK. All of our internal door pairs are over veneered on a solid core with modern quality construction, resulting in a hard wearing, heavy duty, high quality set of doors at surprisingly low prices. 


We have an ever expanding range of rebated door pairs available in 1 size and in unfinished oak. The 'rebate' is the term given to the meeting area of a pair of doors, when the 2 doors are machined so they overlap where they meet and close flush across the face of the doors. Our largest range of french doors are the pair maker pairs. Each pair of doors is supplied with an unfinished oak pair maker which can be fitted to either of the doors. Please note the pair maker will need to be cut down to size in order to fit the height of the door and will add 13mm to the width of 1 door.


If you are looking for a pair of doors you can finish yourself, choose one of our unfinished door pairs, of which we have the largest range. For those who are looking to hang and enjoy immediately, we also have a selection of pre-finished door pairs to choose from (please note that you will need to finish the pair maker with a clear lacquer to match the finish of the doors).  If you are looking to paint your door, our range of fully white primed door pairs will be ideal (please also note that you will need to prime/paint the pair maker to match the door). Our glazed door pairs come complete with toughened safety glass and with a choice of clear, clear bevelled or frosted glass options on selected designs. And for those who require that little extra privacy, our range of panelled door pairs give you plenty to choose from. We also have a great range of handles and knobs to choose from to go with your new doors.


What's more, if you require delivery sooner than within 7 working days, you can select our express delivery which guarantees delivery within 3 working days (additional costs apply).

Rebated Pairs


We have an ever expanding range of rebated pairs - Aston & Langdale. The aston rebated double doors are available with either frosted or clear glass.

Pair Maker Pairs


We have a wide variety of pair maker door pairs available in unfinished oak, pre-finished oak or white primed. Choose from clear, frosted or panelled styles.