Seconds - Unfinished Oak 4 Panel RM0 610mm / 24"


Seconds - Unfinished Oak 4 Panel RM0 610mm / 24"

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Please note - Unless you receive a door where the damage is more than the damage described, our seconds are non returnable.

Usual price - £99.99 Seconds price only - £49.99

Green Tree Doors have for sale at a heavily discounted price due to damage, an Unfinished Oak 4 Panel RM0 610mm (24"). 
More about the Oak 4 Panel RM0 Door
The traditional and Victorian style 4 Panel RM0 is supplied in unfinished oak and has no raised mouldings. A fantastic, high quality door, this design has been around for a long time and is very popular. Although this door is of a Victorian, traditional design, it would suit any home. These doors are supplied unfinished ready for finishing on site. Keep it natural with a door oil, lacquer for that classic look, or paint in a bright colour for a modern style. 
DAMAGE - There are 3 available and they are ex display so have holes where a hinge was originally fitted. The door can be finished with hinges fit in the same place as originally fitted. Please refer to the image for a detailed look at the damage. If you need more details please send us a message.
REDUCING THE SIZE - We recommend removing a maximum of 12mm from the width of the door (6mm equally from each side) and 20mm from the height (10mm equally from each side).  If removing anything from a white primed door, please note you will need to re-prime the door before finishing it with a final coat of paint.

DETAILS - This door is supplied unfinished oak, ready for finishing and is available in 610mm (24") width and 1981mm (78") height.

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